Public Notes

Public Notes superseded by publications

Date Publication
May 2017 MicroBooNE collaboration, “Noise Characterization and Filtering in the MicroBooNE Liquid Argon TPC”, JINST 12, P08003 (2017). Preliminary superseded result in MICROBOONE-NOTE-1016-PUB.
April 2017 MicroBooNE collaboration, “Michel Electron Reconstruction Using Cosmic-Ray Data from the MicroBooNE LArTPC”, arXiv:1704.02927, submitted to JINST. Preliminary superseded result in MICROBOONE-NOTE-1008-PUB.
November 2016 MicroBooNE collaboration, “Convolutional Neural Networks Applied to Neutrino Events in a Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber”, JINST 12, P03011 (2017). Preliminary superseded result in MICROBOONE-NOTE-1019-PUB.

Public Notes

Date Note Title

Search for a Sterile Neutrino in a 3+1 Framework using Wire-Cell Inclusive Charged-Current νe Selection with the BNB and NuMI beamlines in MicroBooNE


Search for anomalous neutral current coherent-like single-photon production in MicroBooNE


Updates to the NuMI Flux Simulation at MicroBooNE


First search for an anomalous excess of charged-current νe interactions without visible pions using the full MicroBooNE dataset


Progress Towards an Expanded Search for Neutral Current Delta Radiative Decays in MicroBooNE


An Update on MicroBooNE’s Inclusive Single Photon Low Energy Excess Search


Towards Constraining Dark Sector e+e− Solutions to the Low Energy Excess at MicroBooNE


Reconstruction and Selection of Neutrino Interactions in MicroBooNE using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks


Measurement of Triple-Differential Inclusive Muon Neutrino Charged-Current Cross Sections on Argon with the MicroBooNE Detector

10/25/2022 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1121-PUB

First Measurement of Quasi-Elastic Λ Baryon Production in anti-νµ Interactions in the MicroBooNE Detector


Light Yield Calibration in MicroBooNE

9/22/2022 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1119-PUB

Measuring Light Yield with Isolated Protons in MicroBooNE


Sensitivity of the MicroBooNE experiment to dark trident interactions

5/31/2022 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1117-PUB

First Extraction of Single Differential Cross-Sections on Argon for CC1µ2p0π Event Topologies in the MicroBooNE Detector

5/30/2022 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1116-PUB

Search for a Sterile Neutrino in a 3+1 Framework using the Wire-Cell Inclusive Charged-Current νe Selection from MicroBooNE

5/30/2022 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1115-PUB

Demonstration of <2 ns timing resolution for neutrino interaction in the MicroBooNE detector

5/30/2022 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1114-PUB

The Impact of Reconstruction in Pandora on Sensitivity to the Low-Energy Excess Signal at MicroBooNE

5/12/2022 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1113-PUB

A first search for argon-bound neutron-antineutron oscillation using the MicroBooNE LArTPC

5/31/2022 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1112-PUB

Sensitivity to Cabibbo-Suppressed Λ Production in MicroBooNE

5/31/2022 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1111-PUB

Measurement of Neutral-Current π0 Cross Section in MicroBooNE using Wire-Cell Reconstruction

5/31/2022 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1110-PUB

Methodology of the Extraction of Multi-Differential Cross Sections of Charged-Current νµ-Argon Interactions in MicroBooNE Using Wire-Cell νµCC Selection

5/31/2022 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1109-PUB

Differential Cross Section Measurement of Charged Current νe Interactions Without Pions in MicroBooNE

5/31/2022 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1108-PUB

First Measurement of Differential Charged Current Quasielastic-like νµ–Argon Scattering Cross Sections In Kinematic Imbalance Variables With The MicroBooNE Detector

5/31/2022 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1107-PUB

Progress Towards A Measurement of Neutrino Induced Charged Current Neutral Pion Production in the MicroBooNE Experiment

5/30/2022 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1106-PUB

νμ Disappearance in MicroBooNE using the Deep Learning 1μ1p Selection

5/30/2022 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1105-PUB

Search for a 3+1 Sterile Neutrino with the MicroBooNE Experiment using Deep-Learning-Based Reconstruction

5/30/2022 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1104-PUB

Progress towards an investigation of the MiniBooNE Low Energy Excess using neutral-current Delta-like single photons in MicroBooNE with Wire-Cell 3D reconstruction algorithms

5/30/2022 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1103-PUB

Search for anomalous neutral current coherent-like single-photon production in MicroBooNE

5/30/2022 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1102-PUB

Status of the MicroBooNE inclusive single photon selection using Wire-Cell reconstruction


Measurement of Differential Neutral Current Elastic νμ-Argon Scattering Cross Sections with MicroBooNE

8/17/2021 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1100-PUB

Measurement of charged-current numu and nue interactions towards a search for low-energy nue excess using wire-cell in MicroBooNE


Double-differential Measurements of Mesonless Charged-current Muon Neutrino Interactions on Argon with Final-State Protons using the MicroBooNE Detector

10/12/2021 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1097-PUB

Selection of Lambda-0 Production Events in MicroBooNE

8/30/2021 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1096-PUB

Study of CC2p0Pi Event Topologies in the MicroBooNE Detector

2/18/2021 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1095-PUB

Measurement of charged-current numu and nue interactions with wire-cell in MicroBooNE towards a search for low-energy nue excess


Progress Toward the First Search for Bound Neutron Oscillation into Antineutron in a Liquid Argon TPC


Search for a Higgs Portal scalar decaying to electron-positron pairs in MicroBooNE


Semantic Segmentation with Sparse Convolutional Neural Network for Event Reconstruction in MicroBooNE


Study of π0 Events in MicroBooNE and Applications to the Deep Learning LEE Search


The MicroBooNE Single-Photon Low-Energy Excess Search


Event Selection in the MicroBooNE Deep Learning Based Low Energy Excess Analysis Using Two-Body Scattering Criteria


Search for Electron Neutrinos in Multiple Topologies with the MicroBooNE Experiment

6/23/20 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1084-PUB Cosmic Ray Background Rejection with Wire-Cell LArTPC Event Reconstruction in MicroBooNE

Neutrino Event Selection in the MicroBooNE Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber using Wire-Cell 3-D Imaging, Clustering and Charge-Light Matching


Reconstructing 3D Charge Depositions in the MicroBooNE Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber using Convolutional Neural Networks


Cosmic Muon Clustering for the MicroBooNE Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers Using sMask-RCNN


A Convolutional Neural Network for Multiple Particle Identification in the MicroBooNE Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber


Chimera Events for Performance Studies of the MicroBooNE Deep Learning-based Low Energy Excess Search


MeV-scale Physics in MicroBooNE


Novel Approach for Evaluating Detector Systematics in the MicroBooNE LArTPC


Neutrino Interaction Model and Uncertainties for MicroBooNE Analyses

6/23/20 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1071-PUB Selection of charged-current neutrino-induced K+ production interactions in MicroBooNE

Single differential νμ charged-current cross section with the MicroBooNE detector using the Cosmic Ray Tagger

6/23/20 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1067-PUB Measurement of Low-Q2 Protons from Neutral Current Events in Argon with MicroBooNE

Progress on a High Sensitivity, High Purity, One-Electron-One-Proton Search for the MiniBooNE Low Energy Excess in the MicroBooNE Detector

10/11/19 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1030-PUB The Continuous Readout Stream of the MicroBooNE Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber for Detection of Supernova Neutrinos
08/06/19 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1064-TECH PMT Gain Calibration In MicroBooNE
04/29/19 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1055-PUB A Method to Determine the Electric Field of Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers using a UV Laser System and its Application in MicroBooNE
11/09/18 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1053-PUB Studying the Strange Axial Form Factor through Neutral-Current Elastic Scattering in MicroBooNE
11/09/18 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1054-PUB Automated Selection of Electron Neutrinos from the NuMI beam in the MicroBooNE Detector and Prospects for a Measurement of the Charged-Current Inclusive Cross Section
10/29/18 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1051-PUB Selection of numu Events for the MicroBooNE Deep Learning Low Energy Excess Analysis
10/12/18 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1056-PUB Selection of numu charged–current induced interactions with N>0 protons and performance of events with N=2 protons in the final state in the MicroBooNE detector from the BNB
08/17/18 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1045-PUB First Muon-Neutrino Charged-Current Inclusive Differential Cross Section Measurement for MicroBooNE Run 1 Data
08/06/18 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1048-PUB Detector calibration using through going and stopping muons in the MicroBooNE LArTPC
07/09/18 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1042-PUB First Deep Learning based Event Reconstruction for Low-Energy Excess Searches with MicroBooNE
07/09/18 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1038-PUB Electron-neutrino selection and reconstruction in the MicroBooNE LArTPC using the Pandora multi-algorithm pattern recognition
07/07/18 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1041-PUB The MicroBooNE Search for Single Photon Events
07/07/18 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1043-PUB MicroBooNE low-energy excess signal prediction from unfolding MiniBooNE Monte-Carlo and data
07/06/18 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1031-PUB Booster Neutrino Flux Prediction at MicroBooNE
07/06/18 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1049-PUB Reconstruction Performance Studies with MicroBooNE Data in Support of Summer 2018 Analyses
06/29/18 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1050-PUB Study of Reconstructed 39Ar Beta Decays at the MicroBooNE Detector
06/02/18 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1040-PUB Tomographic Event Reconstruction with MicroBooNE Data
06/01/18 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1032-PUB First Measurement of Muon Neutrino Charged Current Single Neutral Pion Production on Argon with the MicroBooNE LArTPC
08/30/17 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1026-PUB A Measurement of the Attenuation of Drifting Electrons in the MicroBooNE LArTPC
07/22/17 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1028-PUB Establishing a Pure Sample of Side-Piercing Through-Going Cosmic-Ray Muons for LArTPC Calibration in MicroBooNE
06/04/17 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1024-PUB Measurement of Reconstructed Charged Particle Multiplicities of Neutrino Interactions in MicroBooNE
01/26/17 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1025-PUB Proton Track Identication in MicroBooNE Simulation for Neutral Current Elastic Events
11/29/16 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1018-PUB Study of Space Charge Effects in MicroBooNE
07/04/16 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1017-PUB A Method to Extract the Charge Distribution Arriving at the TPC Wire Planes in MicroBooNE
07/04/16 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1015-PUB The Pandora multi-algorithm approach to automated pattern recognition in LAr TPC detectors
07/04/16 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1014-PUB A Comparison of Monte-Carlo Simulations and Data from MicroBooNE
07/04/16 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1013-PUB MicroBooNE Detector Stability
07/04/16 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1012-PUB Demonstration of 3D Shower Reconstruction on MicroBooNE Data
07/04/16 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1010-PUB Selection and kinematic properties of numu charged-current inclusive events in 5E19 POT of MicroBooNE data
05/03/16 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1006-PUB Study Towards an Event Selection for Neutral Current Inclusive Single Pi0 Production in MicroBooNE
05/30/16 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1005-PUB Cosmic Shielding Studies at MicroBooNE
11/06/15 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1004-PUB MC performance study for an early numu charged-current inclusive analysis with MicroBooNE
05/29/16 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1003-PUB Measurement of the Electronegative Contaminants and Drift Electron Lifetime in the MicroBooNE Experiment
11/02/15 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1002-PUB First neutrino interactions observed with the MicroBooNE Liquid-Argon TPC detector
08/28/15 MICROBOONE-NOTE-1001-TECH Noise Dependence on Temperature and LAr Fill Level in the MicroBooNE Time Projection Chamber